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Die Castings
Hardware Components has qualified die casting foundries located in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam. We cast in non-ferrous metals such as zinc, copper/brass and aluminum.

Our range of foundries, from small to ISO rated, allows us to offer the best pricing at the right manufacturing level required by your product.

die casting

Sand Castings
We currently produce sand castings in South Korea, China and Vietnam. We cast ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including grey, malleable and ductile iron, brass, stainless steel and aluminum.

We utilize foundries with coal-fired cupolas, hand-packed molds and coal-fired heat treat furnaces when best suited for characteristics of a given part. When warranted, we have foundries with electric fired cupolas, mechanized sand molding and electric furnaces for heat treat processes.

sand casting

Investment Castings
Also know as “lost-wax” process, we investment cast aluminum, bronze, steel and stainless steel alloys in China and Vietnam. We have over twenty-years of experience in investment casting for the marine, valve, appliance, golf and transportation industries.

investment castings

Lost Foam Castings
Similar to investment castings except foam is used for the pattern instead of wax. We have lost form foundries located both in China and Vietnam. Our past experience in lost foam casting includes fire hydrants and valve bodies in grey, malleable and ductile iron.

Permanent Mold
Sometimes also referred to as “gravity die casting”, permanent mold utilizes iron or steel molds and is used to cast non-ferrous metals and alloys. We have qualified sources for aluminum permanent molded parts in both Taiwan and China.

Secondary Operations on Casted Parts
Hardware Components can add additional value by performing secondary operations on your cast part. We have years of experience in the machining, plating, polishing and other surface finish treatments. We specialize in mirror polished finishes on aluminum die castings and stainless steel investment casting.

Chrome plated zinc die castings are another area of our expertise, including mirror polish or vibratory tumbled surface treatment. Duplex nickel chrome plating is available for additional protection in hash environmental applications.